Silk Lining Gallery

Welcome DMV ART Gallery

Here you can find all of our DMV ART linings currently available.

DMV Artistic Tailoring offers unique range of a handpainted silk satin, which works beautifully together as a lining with a top quality wool of our Bespoke and Made to Measure suits.

Each art work is unique piece, designed and painted on a silk satin by a skilful hands of a professional artists in Czechia and by a founder herself.

To create each masterpiece we spend 20-40 hours of painting, washing and steam fixing, to achieve the best results in the detail, colour brightness and a safe wear.

Price for a one off piece of DMV ART handpainted satin silk starts at £400 and can be selected from our ready painted range or can be painted on request to a specific order.

Prices are based on the complexity of the design.

For enquiry please contact us here.