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DMV Artistic Tailoring

by Joan Turley BA(Hons) PGCE Mes In a world where everything is changing….. style and innovation are a change for the better. New attitudes, more flexible and less conventional, are coming in towards what we wear as well as how we present ourselves for work and life. This new flexibility is allowing us more individuality in the grooming choices we make for our professional lives …and for all those special occasions that are unique and personal to us. Sometimes a brand captures so perfectly the mood-or more specifically -the needs of a time, that it is important to share it. DMV Artistic Tailoring is just such a brand. I first encountered them when they responded so brilliantly to my grooming needs as an international author, advisor and public speaker called upon to move between fields as diverse as government, education, law, media, advertising and corporate governance. My brief to DMV Arististic Tailoring was that while I wished to dress in a classical, elegant way appropriate to the seniority and elite nature of the people and settings I consult with, but that I also wanted to communicate my own individual style, character and personality. Like many people, I wanted my grooming to be part of the individual way I present myself to my world, do my work and engage with people. They responded in a way that was consistently flawless in the way it interpreted both my individual style and the exigencies of my high profile work, while always adding taste and kudos to all my appointments and appearances, through the style and grooming choices we made together. Realising that the brief which I gave to them was one which they were receiving more and more frequently and consistently, Darina Vsianska, the highly qualified founder and designer at the head of this fashion brand, has created a range of made to measure suits and bespoke accessories. One more fashion brand, claiming to be different…. I can hear you say. Well actually, yes…this one is different! Impeccable suit cutting combined with unique credentials in hand painting silk linings equals suits, which respond exactly to clients’ brief and beautifully reference their history, style and identity. This makes DMV suits a unique expression of the individual client. So, classical tastes can be met in cut and cloth – while the suit interior can be a completely one off expression of the client’s choice of colour, design and image. To complement this highly customised approach to suits, Darina and her design team carry personalisation into the realm of scarves, ties and cufflinks, though a range of exceptional silk accessories which redefine bespoke. DMV suits aims to meet the most individual, classic, edgy and sophisticated tastes of both men and women, both for their personal and professional tailoring needs in a wide range of settings through their multifunctional uses and exceptional design. Colour expertise and advisory services of a high standard complete the fully personalised consultation and bespoke tailoring journey. This is an outstanding brand with no immediate equivalent or peer in our current London fashion offering.
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