Handmade tailored suits

Are you looking for handmade tailored suits for a special occasion? DMV Art is a supplier of handmade tailored suits, and are specialists in suit fitting, colour and styling. We have 18 years’ of experience in the suit industry, and we can design suits for all occasions.

DMV Art follow a suit tailor made process when designing and producing handmade tailored suits, and this starts with the first fitting appointment. At this appointment we will take measurements of the body, and make a decision on the cut and cloth of the suit.

Basted fittings are also available, where you will try on the basic skeleton of a suit without the internal layers and linings. You can then make alterations to any aspect of the suit, whether its the pockets, vents or buttons.

We have an in-house garment design team, that use computer modelling to change the existing pattern according to the shape of your body. Once the suit has been designed, it will be sent to the European factory and will be tailored within 6 to 8 weeks.

We will then schedule a second fitting appointment, and we can make sure the suit fits perfectly. We can then make any final adjustments to the suit, and it will then be able to be collected around a week later.

The inside of the suit can also be bespokely designed, with abstract lines painted by artist Darina Vsianska. She can either paint a unique design into the inside of the suit, or you can select from her existing designs.

Do you need DMV Art to design and produce one of our handmade tailored suits? Call DMV Art on 0203 137 1688 or you can email info@dmvart.com with any queries you have. Alternatively, you can schedule a booking by filling in the required fields of the Contact Form, where one of our customer service team will respond to the enquiry and book the appointment.

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