DMV Artistic Tailoring is a bespoke tailor with true artistic flair.

Our suits are hand made to your exact measurements to ensure the perfect fit, with meticulous attention to the details that you choose. And it has that little twist inside — the artistic lining.

We combine precision fitting with distinctive design elements. Our suits can be further customised through a unique linings to perfectly match our client’s tastes, making our suits, one artistic step above the bespoke.

We are expert in fitting, colour and styling. We will work with you, advising you on cut, colour and cloth to flatter and enhance your silhouette and to create a unique suit that is an expression of you.



dvmart tailored suits image Darina

Head of design:  DMV Artistic Tailoring.

Darina Vsianska is the head of art design and tailoring at DMV Artistic Tailoring. Her extensive credentials in art, design, tailoring and colour advisory knowledge, hallmark the high standards of all her company’s suits.

Graduating in art and fashion design from a prestigious European college, Darina honed her considerable skills alongside the finest tailors of London’s world famous Garment District. The result: Darina and her team excel at creating all types of suits: from classic to edgy and modern, from business to special occasion and wedding wear. The skills of colour analysis, the blend of art and tailoring, the precision in taking and following a client’s brief, make her suits remarkable every time.

Whatever style of suit you prefer, you will find the perfect individual version at DMV Artistic Tailoring. Darina and her team bring their skills, exceptional credentials and imagination to your personal preferences. The result is client satisfaction….every time.