1. Book your fitting

Book your first fitting with us at either your office or at our fitting rooms.

2. First fitting

We measure you. And we help you to choose the cut of your suit and the cloth. We’ll advise you on what’s cloth is best for the occasion, season or trend and what works best with your colour type. You’ll choose your lining and design every detail of the suit.

We also offer a basted fitting, where you’ll try on the basic skeleton of the suit, without internal layers and lining. This allows you to change your mind about the specific details such as pockets, vents and buttons before the suit is finished.

3. Making your suit

Our UK-based in-house garment design technicians will use computer modelling to modify the pre-existing pattern according to your measurements and body shape. They’ll use the pattern they’ve created to laser cut your fabric. It is then handed over to our European factory where your suit is finished within 6 to 8 weeks (or 4 weeks if you use our express service).

We keep the pattern and your measurements on file for any suits you order in the future.

4. Second fitting

At your second appointment, we pin your suit to make sure it fits you perfectly.

5. Final adjustments and collection

Our tailors make any final adjustments to your suit. We also keep records of the changes and correct the pattern for better future result.

Your suit will be ready to collect 1 week after your second fitting.